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January 9-11, 2014

Missouri Western State University

St. Joseph, Missouri


  Keynote address to be delivered by nationally known early pioneer of conservation tillage.


Steve Groff

Cedar Meadow Farm

Holtwood, Pennsylvania


Steve, his wife Cheri, and their three children live on the farm that his grandfather purchased in 1935. He faced a rolling landscape subject to severe erosion when he began farming with his father after graduating from high school. He and his father regularly used herbicides and insecticides, tilled annually or semi-annually and rarely used cover crops. Tired of watching two-feet-deep crevices form on the hillsides after every heavy rain, Steve began experimenting with no-till to protect and improve the soil.


Steve started small with what he now proudly calls his 'permanent cover cropping system' - a rotation heavy on ground covers and reliant upon no-till planting. His new system keeps his ground covered all year. In the process, he has greatly reduced erosion, improved soil quality and controlled both weeds and insects. Moreover, his vegetable and grain yields have improved.


Steve has won numerous awards for his work in no-till agriculture. You are invited to learn more of how Steve's working farm in Holtwood, PA is heralded as some of the healthiest, cultivated soil to be found anywhere in North America. Conference registration will begin in early November. Also visit Steve's website at http://www.cedarmeadowfarm.com.



Keynote address sponsored by Lincoln University




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